Welcome to Urban Sapes - the hottest spot on the web to get whole new wardrobe! Urban Sapes is the story of 2 graduates who were crazy about fashion and who saw an opening on the market. Our latest collections are regularly updated to offer a wide variety of clothes for everyone, and every occasion. The truth is we don't deal with brands, which means we strip fashion down to it's very basics. Brands are constantly pushing their new collections on you because they know you like the brand! Our challenge is to put brands to one side and focus on the pure essence of fashion. We're on a constant search for the best suppliers and the latest trends here in China to make sure you can purchase the styles that you want without having to shell out half a month's rent in the process. That's why you'll find a huge range of awesome and edgy clothes here, from hip hop t-shirts to leather business shoes. No matter what it is you need to buy, you know that here at Urban Sapes you will find exclusively high quality items at very competitive prices. So go right ahead and check out our streetwear fashion, business casual apparel and ladies' clothescategories and don't forget that you can ask us to source specific items which you can't find, just drop us line at the "contact us" link below!

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