So you want to buy a leather duffle bag?

vintage leather duffle bag

There are certain times when a briefcase or backpack just won’t cut it. Whether you’re a college freshman or a CEO, there are always times when you’ll need more storage on the go. This can be anything from going on vacation to going to a sporting event.

Just like when you buy a backpack or briefcase, you don’t want to go with the cheapest model. Sure, you’ll save a couple bucks, but it won’t hold up to the elements and you won’t look professional carrying it. The solution to your portable storage needs while still looking good? A leather duffle bag.

Durability above all

How often do you buy new backpacks? Briefcases? Not very often at all. You want your duffle bag to be able to last you a while.
Leather duffle bags do exactly that because, to put it simply, they’re made of leather. Leather is one of the strongest materials out there, and when it starts to fade, it doesn’t look old – it looks vintage. This means that not only will a leather duffle bag hold up for a while, but it will look progressively better as it ages.

Speaking of looks…

You’re not judged by one part of your outfit – you’re judged on the whole package. Just like a pair of shoes, a duffle bag can make or break your appearance.
We’re not saying you should grab a leather duffle bag if you’re heading for your daily workout at the gym, but for those situations where you want to impress, a good-looking bag is important. Not only will it make you look good, but most people don’t own leather duffle bags, so you’ll look better than them… if that’s your thing.

How much will one cost me?

As with all bags, the prices fluctuate wildly based on the brand and the quality of material used.
You can find leather duffle bags for thousands of dollars. These are top of the line bags, sort of like a jacket in that range is going to be an elite jacket. If you’re an executive or in a similar, professional position, you may want to consider one of these.
If you’re just looking for a durable bag and considering a leather one, you’ll be able to find them for as cheap as $100 to $200. We suggest that you look online for deals. Department stores don’t carry very many models, and the ones that they do carry are all going to be expensive. On the other hand, there are a variety of manufacturers of leather duffle bags who sell online exclusively like us.

vintage leather duffle bag square

Vintage leather duffle bag square – available here

Vintage leather duffle bag - round

Vintage leather round duffle bag – available here

Overall? If you’re looking for a sturdy, stylish bag, then consider getting a leather duffle bag over an ordinary sports one. It can help your look, and it’s a better investment than a cheaper bag because it will hold up for longer and look better as it ages. Browse around online to find one that you truly love, and use it to transport whatever you need in a professional, sophisticated manner.

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