Banksy does it again

banksy pigeons

The elusive Banksy has done it once more. Recently discovered at Prayers Park in Folkestone and another in a town called ‘Clacton-on-Sea’.

In the first one, we see a candid old lady wearing a headset bending over a Roman column reminiscent of a museum display, except of course, what is on display is completely painted over, probably the works of buffers covering up some graffiti. The display is just so capturing, we are immediately drawn to the hidden art by the curisoity of this old lady in the street, and it is truly quite brilliant.



banksy mural


banksy mural 2


The second one spotted is more controversial and political. For starters it is painted on the Tendring District Council boathouse, where there will soon be a local election at which the UKIP – an anti-EU British party – could be elected to parliament. A clear message, and yet, people of the public were outraged by the ‘racist’ nature of the piece, obviously not processing that the art is just the mouthpiece, a messenger, and that the racism is out there in the reality.

banksy pigeons banksy pigeons 2

Art is always meant to be thought-provoking and for this, Banksy continues to be a fine artist, managing to combine subtelty and humour in in amazing street art. If you don’t already, follow him on his website, , on Facebook here or on Instagram @banksy .

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