Secret Solstice Festival – Party in a giant ice cube

into the glacier - ice rave

You remember your biggest party, right? Raving all night, music, no one to break up the fun? Well even your most exclusive parties will look frail compared to what is happening in a few weeks in Iceland. The 2015 edition of the Secret Solstice Festival is taking place on the 19th-21st of June weekend and it is the very first time that people will be partying inside a glacier… as in, under 580 metres of ice. (more…)

Banksy does it again

banksy pigeons

The elusive Banksy has done it once more. Recently discovered at Prayers Park in Folkestone and another in a town called ‘Clacton-on-Sea’.

In the first one, we see a candid old lady wearing a headset bending over a Roman column reminiscent of a museum display, except of course, what is on display is completely painted over, probably the works of buffers covering up some graffiti. The display is just so capturing, we are immediately drawn to the hidden art by the curisoity of this old lady in the street, and it is truly quite brilliant.



banksy mural