Summer Tees – What’s Your Style

The classics are classics for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that new types of t-shirts aren’t constantly being thrown into the arena of men’s fashion. These new types of shirts are those that will make you stand out in a crowd; they’re those that will catch the eye of that girl walking by.


You’ve probably seen it all over your Instagram, Facebook and in the streets. This year it’s all about the long tees inspired by Rick Owens designs last year and you’re bound to have great fun layering these with your sweaters, jackets and other swag paraphernalia.

Long T shirt Short Sleeves

This t-shirt is available in short sleeves and long sleeves



Picture your typical bandana. It’s one solid color, but it has intricate designs all throughout. That design is called paisley, and while it’s common on some types of clothing, t-shirts are a new adopter.
These types of t-shirts go best with plain shoes and plain pants. If you start wearing striped shoes, bright chinos, and a bandana t-shirt, then you’ll look like a buffoon. On the other hand, some white sneakers, dark jeans, and a bandana t-shirt can give you that contrast that you’re looking for. It’s not too “loud” per se, but it does catch the eye.

kendrick lamar bandana t shirt

Cop this bandana t-shirt right here

Marijuana print

Don’t go around wearing marijuana print t-shirts to family events, but when you’re kicking it with friends, it can be the perfect shirt. Yeah, some might judge you for it, but you know what? You can wear whatever you want, and their outfit probably looks terrible anyways.
It’s a great conversation starter, too. Wear this to a party and you might get some strange looks, but that girl who’s been eyeing you will have the perfect conversation starter. It’s one of those things that people can relate to without even trying.
Just don’t let the cherry fall and burn a hole in it.

Weed leaf t shirt

Keep it blazing with this weed t-shirt available here

Galaxy print

This is a new type of t-shirt style because, simply put, the technology just did not exist before to make it happen. The previous printing method was very expensive, and the outcome of it just wasn’t that great.
Galaxy prints are now available everywhere. It’s a shirt that you can really stand out in. Wear it to a concert and you’ll get comments. Wear it to class and you’ll get comments. Heck, wear it anywhere and you’ll get comments.

Galaxy print t shirt

Grab this galaxy t-shirt here


Leather isn’t a new material by any means, but it’s usually restricted to non-clothing items, or at the very least, jackets. Leather t-shirts are relatively new, and they have a few pros and cons.
The obvious pro of leather t-shirts is that it makes you look beaming. Leather has a reflective quality, so even if you’re inside, the light will catch it and give you that “wow” factor that you’re aiming for.
The obvious downside is that it’s leather. This can be great in colder climates because leather is a fantastic insulator, but those who live in the hotter climates (and especially the humid ones!) will want to stay away. Not only will it make you overheat, but if you sweat enough you can actually ruin the shirt. (One more thing – sweaty skin against leather is not a pleasant feeling in the slightest.)

snakeskin leather t shirt

Cop this bad boy leather t-shirt here

We’ve given you some new t-shirt styles to think of. Make sure you have the classics, but don’t be afraid to try something new!

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