The Quick Guide To Business Shoes for Men

The people telling you to not stress the small things are wrong. The small things can transform you from average to extraordinary.
In the business world, that small thing is the pair of business shoes for men that you choose to wear. They can turn a good suit into a great suit… or they can ruin your entire look. You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes – in fact, many women say that one of the first things they look at in a man is the shoes that he’s wearing.

First thing is first – no squares!

If you’re currently wearing a pair of business shoes with a flat toe, take them off, walk over to the nearest trash can, and throw them in with force. Square toes never look good. They’ve never been in style – we’re not even sure why shoe companies are still making them.

square toe shoes


Next: choosing your style

When you picture a pair of business shoes, you’re probably imagining oxfords. They’re the classic look – a slightly raised heel, small laces, and a smooth finish.
They’re perfect for most occasions where formality is paramount. But they can be dressed down, too – if you’re looking to go business casual, then oxfords are your best bet. They can be casual, but they can also be formal in conjunction with a suit. They’re versatile.


Oxfords with perforations available here

Loafers, on the other hand, are truly casual. They can be worn with a variety of different pairs of pants, and they usually come in more colors than Oxfords. Imagine your classic party on a yacht – most of the men, if not all of them, will be wearing loafers.
While the above two are the most common, other types do exist. You can go with cap toes, which are essentially loafers with a focus on the toe of the shoe. (Again, make sure you don’t get square toes.) Other options are dress boots, which look nice with a variety of outfits while bucking the trend of the usual oxfords, as well as monk straps, which are basically loafers with a metallic strap to fasten them in place.
No matter what style you choose, the next step is choosing the color.


Monk strap shoes available here

How to choose the color of your dress shoe

Wouldn’t it be easy if you could just get one pair of dress shoes that works with all of your suits and outfits in general?
Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, but the great thing about men’s business shoes is that you don’t have to diversify that much. A few different styles in a few different colors will allow you to look good anywhere that doesn’t let sneakers in the door.
While we can’t possibly list every color combination out there, you should take inventory of your entire wardrobe and see which colors and styles of shoes you need to fit.
The only real rule you need to follow with color coordination is: the shoes must match the belt. If you’ve learned nothing else, keep that one phrase in mind: it’ll prevent you from looking like an unorganized slob when you’re at the office or out on the town.

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