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About Urban Sapes

Urban Sapes is the story of a team of people putting their heads together to do what they love most... retail fashion. We're a mozaic type of team, all coming from different horizons, but we do have two things in common, we love fashion and we love working hard! That's how we were able to start this website, aimed at bringing you the best of fast fashion at the greatest prices. 

More precisely, we're a merchant site run by a Franco-British and Chinese tandem, currently based between Hong Kong , Shanghai and Paris . Our business model : offer a selection of the best clothing and goods manufactured in China at factory price.


Our mission?

What prompted us to launch this store, was to see that Chinese manufacturers focus heavily on branded products ( real or fake ), but that Chinese producers and independently-owned brands also offer products at prices well below major brands but of equal or superior quality and design.


We believe that people should have access to quality at reasonable prices while benefiting from an after-sales service worthy of any major store. We work proactively with several local suppliers and maintain equitable relationships, ensuring that suppliers respect our ethics chart. Thus, our business model splits the astronomical margins that branded products usually generate between you, us and our suppliers. We are also committed to our social responsibility and support our manufacturers and independently-owned stores, which are themselves at the frontline of the struggle with counterfeiters.


So that's our story, that being said , we wish you - from everyone here at Urban Sapes - a pleasant shopping session !